Re: Distributed SCM in Gnome (Was: Git vs SVN (was: Can we improve things?))

On 11 Sep 2007 22:37:55 +0200, Soeren Sandmann <sandmann daimi au dk> wrote:
Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> writes:

> On Tue, 2007-09-11 at 11:41 -0400, Bryan Clark wrote:
> >
> > GNOME is not in need of a DSCM or any other kind of new SCM.  For
> > source control, SVN works fine, just like CVS worked fine.

Right, basically you both clipped the next sentence in my mail, so I'll put it back in here.

"I'm not looking to argue the features of one DSCM above another or what we have now, but really the controlling of the source code isn't the problem this DSCM debate is circling. "

I'm saying the reasons why people are using Git or other DSCMs to get around using GNOME SVN is probably the more important problem to solve here.  I think the Git vs. other SCMs is a pretty easy thing to solve since you could just drum up a feature list and decide which ones are better based on what they do.  That's a choice of what's out there and the problem is well defined.  While decided that we should make sure we're solving the larger problem.

The larger problem as I see it is that people aren't using what we already have and I don't think it's because of the features listed.  The thread wasn't started because of performance or branching differences between SVN and Git.

~ Bryan

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