Re: RFC: hiding the new timezone feature in the clock applet for 2.20

On Aug 27, 2007, at 5:26 AM, Vincent Untz wrote:

Le lundi 20 août 2007, à 13:02 -0400, Ray Strode a écrit :
Since I didn't have time to fix a few things for the clock applet for 2.20, and I don't think anybody did it either, I think this feature is not ready to be used by all our users for 2.20: the UI is clearly far
from being optimal, and it's also a bit slow for reasons I've not

I'd like to remove the UI bits from the clock pref dialog that let the user enable this feature. People could still enable it via a gconf key,

Seems reasonable enough.  After that, maybe we can get Novell's
prettier map/clock graphics integrated into it?

It might make sense, yes.

I would have loved to know about Novell's version before I rewrote
the entire patch that was sitting in bugzilla for quite some time to
make it sane. This was a significant work. I learnt about Novell's
version too late and I wouldn't say it was a nice surprise for me.

May I request that such changes made for a distribution are at least
made known to upstream?

(and this is not just about Novell, really)

Not having seen this, I had a conversation with Vincent and we agreed the best way to get Novell's International Clock upstream is to merge it in with the current clock applet. I recently became the maintainer of Novell's clock so I'll be working on getting the UI moved on top of the the current clock applet post 2.20.


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