Deja-vu: gtk-engines Clearlooks changes


I remember how happy I was back when GNOME found a nice looking gtk
theme and not only included it in the Desktop installation but also
enabled it by default.

This was 2.12 or 2.14, I think. A release or two later, it changed
radically, and people complained because this was no longer the theme
they opted for. The next release shipped with the version from the
previous release, and a new theme was born in the next release cycle (so
there was room for experimenting)

Now, in 2.18 some changes went in that I personally didn't like (most
notably the rounded selection boxes), but they were minor annoyances so
I decided to live with it. Now I'm running 2.19.92, and see that the
awful colored scrollbars which was rejected back then are back, along
with (new) awful fading tabs.

See the screenshots from the 2.16[1] (or 2.14) era and one from my
current desktop[2]. I guess people haven't noticed because the distros ship
their own themes, but I could be wrong. In case I'm not: what's going


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