Re: Deja-vu: gtk-engines Clearlooks changes

Hi Mark,

Le samedi 08 septembre 2007, à 16:07 +0200, Mark Rosenstand a écrit :
> Hi,
> I remember how happy I was back when GNOME found a nice looking gtk
> theme and not only included it in the Desktop installation but also
> enabled it by default.
> This was 2.12 or 2.14, I think. A release or two later, it changed
> radically, and people complained because this was no longer the theme
> they opted for. The next release shipped with the version from the
> previous release, and a new theme was born in the next release cycle (so
> there was room for experimenting)
> Now, in 2.18 some changes went in that I personally didn't like (most
> notably the rounded selection boxes), but they were minor annoyances so
> I decided to live with it. Now I'm running 2.19.92, and see that the
> awful colored scrollbars which was rejected back then are back, along
> with (new) awful fading tabs.
> See the screenshots from the 2.16[1] (or 2.14) era and one from my
> current desktop[2]. I guess people haven't noticed because the distros ship
> their own themes, but I could be wrong. In case I'm not: what's going
> on?

People did notice and there was some discussion about this (on blogs and
IRC, at least). I don't know the details for this, but you can ask the
art team (reachable through the gnome-themes-list mailing list) for
those details. IMHO, it makes sense to have clearlooks evolve - even if
it means new things I don't like (I'm with you for the scrollbars ;-),
but I'm getting used to them). And I 100% trust the art team to do the
right thing.

Note there's still a ClearlooksClassic engine, for people who don't like
the new default.



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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