gnome-keyring and dbus

Yesterday I received an email from an Archlinux user about gnome-keyring
and dbus:
since last upgrade of my arch, the gnome-keyring didn't work anymore. 
When launching the gnome-keyring-manager tool, it told me, that no 
keyring daemon was active, and the following message was shown on the 
console: "** (gnome-keyring-manager:8715): WARNING **: couldn't 
communicate with gnome keyring daemon via dbus: The name 
org.gnome.keyring was not provided by any .service files"

I solved the problem adding a gnome-keyring-daemon.service file to 
/usr/share/dbus-1/services/ that contains these lines:

        [D-BUS Service]

Shouldn't such a file be included by default in the package 
gnome-keyring? If I understood things right (well, it might well be
I didn't) without this file the keyring doesn't work as it should.

Looking at the sources of gnome-keyring, I can't find such a service
file. What I do know is that gnome-session starts gnome-keyring early
during startup. Since libgnome-keyring can ask for this service via
DBUS, isn't it a good idea to start the daemon on-demand from DBUS?
Using a dbus service file, the logic in gnome-session could be removed
and other desktops like XFCE and KDE don't have to take care of
gnome-keyring launch at startup: the keyring daemon is started on first
request in that case.

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