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Il giorno mer, 10/10/2007 alle 14.00 +0100, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro ha
> I tried and I'm still not convinced.  Unless there are some special
> kernel patches in fedora making a big difference, I still hate sound
> routed through a userspace daemon.  I would willingly tolerate it for
> sound coming from network applications, but it's not a price I want to
> pay for simple local applications when I don't care about PNP or network
> sound.
> IMHO Pulse Audio developers are just being stubborn; I have not yet any
> good reason why PA and direct ALSA access cannot get along.

You tried and you found it doesn't work for you, and that's fine -- I'm
happy to hear your opinion, _expecially_ because it is different than

I can say only that passing from ALSA to Pulseaudio *for me*:
- decreased overall latency
- meant I didn't have to configure it at all, except modifying my
asound.conf a little, when I wanted full ALSA apps support.
- now I can play two or more totem instances without gaps, and also have
other desktop sounds playing in the meantime
- has many other benefits, even from a developer point of view (it's
easier to code with Pulseaudio APIs).
- esd was perfectly replaced, which is the main point. Esound apps works
for me out of the box. This is a big win, imho.

As for the interrupts sent to the soundcard, a module has been already
included in the upcoming 0.9.7 version that should fix that. AFAIK it's
because Pulseaudio plays silence when nobody uses it, to avoid popping
when a stream starts again, and due to something about the HAL module,

The only thing I must criticize is you saying that PA devs are stubborn.
It seems to me they're really trying to innovate a stagnating and
non-homogeneous field, and they should at least be treated with some
respect. "Stubborn" isn't the word I'd have chosen to describe them.

Anyway, even if PA isn't *THE* answer, ALSA isn't, either, for the
reasons already expressed in this thread. So, what do you purpose? I
think that fixing PA is easier than starting it again all over. Else, do
we need a Phonon-substitute for GNOME?

> I'm sorry for being the bad guy here, but someone has to say these
> things...

You're not the "bad guy". The point is: are you the *only* guy, even if
very vocal? I'd like to hear some more opinions from other people that
*don't* like Pulseaudio. 

C'mon, there ought to be some more on this list. Don't be shy. We need
the opinion of everybody (I'm talking serious, no sarcasm meant).

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