Re: [g-a-devel] a11y module proposal: MouseTweaks (i.e.: software click)

Hi Francesco:

No problem with replying late - I happen to be up late. :-) I took a look at the video and downloaded/installed MouseTweaks on my OpenSolaris Laptop running GNOME 2.20.0. With a little futzing with the install, I was able to get it to work. It looks like a very interesting and useful tool, and your recordmydesktop video demo of it was great.

I've added it to the agenda for today and will bring it up for discussion.
Thanks for the effort!


Francesco Fumanti wrote:

First of all, sorry for replying so late.

At 3:24 PM -0400 10/1/07, Willie Walker wrote:
If you know of anyone that might even be remotely related to MouseTweaks
and could talk about it (e.g., demo, use cases, remaining work, etc.), I'd be
really happy to add it to the agenda for the accessibility summit.

I only know of 3 people related to MouseTweaks:
- Henrik Nilsen Omma <henrikATubuntuDOTcom> who submitted it as a GSoC 2007 (at least I think so)
- Gerd Kohlberger <lowfiATchelloCOMat> who implemented it as a GSoC 2007
- and myself who wrote the first version of the specification

I don't know whether Henrik is comming, but I don't think so.

So I just created a demo of mousetweaks in GNOME by using the software recordmydesktop. I posted it here (it is about 53 MB):

Please, be aware that the version of mousetweaks that you can watch in the demo is not the most current one:

For example, the current version in the trunk does not have a notification icon anymore; it has been replaced by an item in the Accessibility menu that resides in the Applications menu.

Moreover, it is planned to add a checkbox to the preferences panel to run and kill mousetweaks.

I hope that the video can be helpful; but I am afraid that it might be a bit late.

I'd also like to hear more about onBoard and future plans for it.  One of the
potential ideas for "real work" that could be done is porting/rewriting GOK
in Python to allow more scripting and customization capabilities.  I wonder,
however, if it might make sense to try to roll the 'best of' GOK into onBoard
and then propose onBoard as a replacement for GOK.  Yes, I know I'm
close to opening a can of worms here...

I really don't have a clue whether it might make sense to try to port/merge... gok and onboard.

The best might be to talk to the author of onboard:
"Chris Jones" <skatingDOTtortoiseATgmailDOTcom>

Have a nice day.


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