Re: [g-a-devel] a11y module proposal: MouseTweaks (i.e.: software click)


First of all, sorry for replying so late.

At 3:24 PM -0400 10/1/07, Willie Walker wrote:
>If you know of anyone that might even be remotely related to MouseTweaks
>and could talk about it (e.g., demo, use cases, remaining work, etc.), I'd be
>really happy to add it to the agenda for the accessibility summit.

I only know of 3 people related to MouseTweaks:
- Henrik Nilsen Omma <henrikATubuntuDOTcom> who submitted it as a GSoC 2007 (at least I think so)
- Gerd Kohlberger <lowfiATchelloCOMat> who implemented it as a GSoC 2007
- and myself who wrote the first version of the specification

I don't know whether Henrik is comming, but I don't think so.

So I just created a demo of mousetweaks in GNOME by using the software recordmydesktop. I posted it here (it is about 53 MB):

Please, be aware that the version of mousetweaks that you can watch in the demo is not the most current one:

For example, the current version in the trunk does not have a notification icon anymore; it has been replaced by an item in the Accessibility menu that resides in the Applications menu.

Moreover, it is planned to add a checkbox to the preferences panel to run and kill mousetweaks.

I hope that the video can be helpful; but I am afraid that it might be a bit late.

>I'd also like to hear more about onBoard and future plans for it.  One of the
>potential ideas for "real work" that could be done is porting/rewriting GOK
>in Python to allow more scripting and customization capabilities.  I wonder,
>however, if it might make sense to try to roll the 'best of' GOK into onBoard
>and then propose onBoard as a replacement for GOK.  Yes, I know I'm
>close to opening a can of worms here...

I really don't have a clue whether it might make sense to try to port/merge... gok and onboard.

The best might be to talk to the author of onboard:
"Chris Jones" <skatingDOTtortoiseATgmailDOTcom>

Have a nice day.


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