Re: Evolution Plugins (Was Re: Rise of the Plugins)

<quote who="Sankar P">

> It is just that I do not want to lose the functionality of everything
> under a shell which is been preferred/used by the large chunk of corporate
> users (migrated from Outlook, Novell GroupWise client, etc.)

Familiar user experience is an important issue, but...

> Accepting appointments from mail-view, Mail-To-Task are all heavily used
> in corporate setups.

... is really rather separate to great integration features. :-) You *can*
do these things without necessitating the Outlook suite interface (at least
for all users -- I do agree that some are going to be more comfortable with
the old-school UI for a while => see Kontact, but keep your glasses on).

Ultimately, if the integration works well, and each user interface is finely
optimised for its purpose (mail, calendar, contacts), surely we can make
that experience better than the "all in one box" experience, and improve the
lives of our poor, cubicle-bound users? :-)

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
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