GNOME Roadmap Draft

Hi all,

The GNOME Roadmap draft for 2.20 (and partially for 2.22 and future
releases) is available at:

This is a call for error triaging in the Roadmap. If you're a
maintainer/developer of any GNOME module and think there's any wrong
or missing information in there, please let us know or edit that page

Note: the Roadmap is not the Release Notes. Therefore, we can go a
little bit deeper into the technical details. We tried to cleanup the
too-specific/internal technical details though. Vincent suggested to
create a higher level summary of the Roadmap to be more readable for
users. Volunteers?

We plan to heat up discussions about the actual content of the Roadmap
in the next days. So, please, let's not discuss it in this thread yet.
You can see the major topics for discussion in the "Proposed
GNOME-wide/Platform goals" section.

We're in the phase of clarifying where are actually going. The next
one is to look forward and plan where we want to go. "Simple", hun?

Big thanks for all the maintainers/developers who provided the
necessary information to build this roadmap!

We plan to publish the Roadmap in the official page[1] in the next
couple days (May 25) so all the fixes need to happen until this date.




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