Re: GNOME Roadmap Draft

Em Qua, 2007-05-23 às 14:13 +0300, Lucas Rocha escreveu:
> Hi all,
> The GNOME Roadmap draft for 2.20 (and partially for 2.22 and future
> releases) is available at:
> This is a call for error triaging in the Roadmap. If you're a
> maintainer/developer of any GNOME module and think there's any wrong
> or missing information in there, please let us know or edit that page
> directly.

Hi, Lucas.

If vinagre (vnc client i am developing) gets ready at time for 2.20, it
may be included as part of vino. In this case, should it be mentioned at
vino's Roadmap?

Jonh Wendell
jonh wendell gmail com (MSN / Google Talk)

Linux User #114432

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