GNOME Goal: Update About Dialogs

Hi everyone,

This a request for comments for the GNOME Goals project, which aims at improving desktop consistency, and helping newcommers to get involved in the GNOME community.

We're trying to launch a new GNOME Goal to migrate the about boxes to the GtkAboutBox API that came way back (in GTK 2.6). You can find the proposal here:

There are however for the moment a few blocking problems.

1. The way the license is handled

There is an enhancement request for usual licences support in GtkAboutDialog:

We have 3 choices:
* Copy/paste the license text in each project in the "license" property
* Wait until the API for usual licenses is implemented and use the "license-name" property (volunteers ?) * Use a copy/pasted version, then launch a new Goal when the API is ready (overkill IMHO).

2. The text to use for the website URL
If an usability guru reads that, should we use as text for the link to the application's project:
* the rough URL of the project,
* or a text like "XYApp Web Site" ?

Please add your comment in replying to this mail, or in the "Comments" section of this GNOME Goal proposal at

Thank you

Luis Menina

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