Re: [gnome-love] GNOME Goal: Update About Dialogs

On Mon, 21 May 2007 06:09:17 +0200, Luis Menina <liberforce fr st> wrote:

1. The way the license is handled
* Wait until the API for usual licenses is implemented and use the
"license-name" property (volunteers ?)

I suggest waiting. We are not in a hurry, and we have plenty of alternatives: 1. Complete the past Gnome goals. We should not leave work done only partially, e.g. we cannot
   get rid of the popt library if few modules still use it.
2. Fix some of the bugs with the gnome-love keyword
3. Work on one of the other almost-available Gnome goals

2. The text to use for the website URL
* the rough URL of the project,
* or a text like "XYApp Web Site" ?

The last, or even simpler "Visit the project home page" since it is pretty obvious what
application is being referred to.

Christian Kirbach
Christian Kirbach nsn com

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