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Hellooo :)

On 5/18/07, Jaap Haitsma <jaap haitsma org> wrote:
> >
> > I would like hear the opinion of developers from all IM clients and tango
> > artists to see if we can create a common icon set.
> I agree completely.
> I can see some applications still wanting to add their own themes for
> somethings like smileys and status icons, but a theme that fits in with
> the rest of the desktop would be really nice.
Pidgin has already been given a very nice tango icon set by the tango
artists. So it could be just a matter to get them in the icon naming
spec and putting them in gnome icon theme.

They are pretty nice, but I bumped into a problem this days... it's
not really serious but it would make a difference in certain

I was talking with a friend on Yahoo and we started playing with the
emoticons of Pidgin. At first we didn't recognize some of the icons
because we were used to default Yahoo ones, but after some playing we
get used to the tango theme.
But then this idea hit us. If the person that I'm IM'ing is using the
Yahoo icons (on the official client or in an old Gaim or whatever),
how can I tell that the icon I'm seeing/sending means the same in the
other guy's screen?.
Maybe I send a "Weird" icon and in the other side it's understood as
"Holy cow!" because of the theme difference.

It's not an issue exclusive to Pidgin or a possible gnome-im-icons, I
wanted to comment it anyway because it _makes_ a difference sometimes.


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