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Xavier Claessens wrote:
> Hi,


> With all new IM clients currently under development I think we should think
> about some GNOME desktop integration.
> Here I suggest to move protocols and status icons to gnome-icon-theme, like
> that we can reuse them in all GNOME applications. Actually applications
> like
> pidgin, gossip, empathy, landel and event xchat-gnome, all have almost the
> same icon set.
> I think we should build a GNOME icon theme for all IM related icons, like
> new-message, status-available, etc... We already have smileys and some
> protocols but I think they should be updated with a more tango-like design.
> The benefit of moving icons to gnome-icon-theme:
> 1) avoid data duplication, projects copies icons, for example empathy's
> icons are stolen from landel or gossip
> 2) avoid work duplication for the tango-team, for example the new-message
> icon for xchat-gnome is almost the same for pidgin and for gossip, but
> it has been done from scratch for each project
> 3) users can change icons by simply install a new icon theme, actually they
> have to change the whole client... or some clients like pidgin have their
> own icon theme manager which is a dup of gnome (freedesktop?) icon theme
> system.
> I would like hear the opinion of developers from all IM clients and tango
> artists to see if we can create a common icon set.

I agree completely.

I can see some applications still wanting to add their own themes for
somethings like smileys and status icons, but a theme that fits in with
the rest of the desktop would be really nice.

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