Re: su/sudo wrapper

2007-05-18 klockan 15:01 skrev Benoît Dejean:
> An important feature of system-monitor is the ability to kill/renice
> process as superuser directly from the GUI. This feature depends on
> gksu. As gksu is not in Desktop, this makes an important feature depends
> on an optional external dependency.
> gksu has a nice simple API: gksu(command, &error) does everything : it
> gets the credentials (may ask for password), and tries to run the
> command. That's very easy to use and gksu is getting more and more
> robust.
> I think system-monitor is not the only Desktop program that needs run
> stuff as root (with su/sudo backend). So i'd like to have a look at what
> other people are using.

Isn't this a problem PolicyKit tries to solve as well? See for instance [1]
and [2].

  mvrgr, Wouter

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