Re: New GNOME Dependency Proposal: libgcrypt

Alberto Ruiz wrote:
2007/5/6, Diego González <diego pemas net>:
I think gnome should choose on of the libraries and stick to it instead
of using the three of them.

Summarizing, you are asking evo developers to port it to gcrypt/gnutls,
isn't it?

No. Doing that means you lose any chance of getting Evo/Gecko into some financial institutions/government agencies.

One of the major points of using NSS is that it has undergone FIPS validation[1] three times by NIST and is currently in process of getting a fourth validation. It's had years of documented testing and certification and this is a major selling point to some people. Using NSS grants you this certification automatically, so I'd say that apps should start using NSS.


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