Re: External Dep Proposal for 2.20: xdg-user-dirs

On 5/5/07, Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it> wrote:
In the past months Alexander Larsson worked on a "spec"
and tool to <quote>manage well known user directories like the desktop
folder and the music folder</quote>.

You can find all needed info on this webpage [1] and in xdg mailing list

Now, some GNOME modules are using this tool, when available. Grepping my
changelogs I found:

      * totem: use xdg-user-dirs to add some default directories to the
        "Open" dialogues (2007-03-26)
      * epiphany: use xdg-user-dirs to get a better default Downloads
        directory (2007-04-23)
      * sound-juicer: use xdg-user-dirs to set a nice default target for
        encoded files (2007-03-26)
      * evince:  use the xdg-user-dirs DOCUMENTS folder as default
        folder when opening a file chooser (2007-04-02)
      * gnome-screensaver: use XDG user dirs to find pictures directory

Patches for Nautilus (desktop and templates directories) and Panel
(desktop directory) are ready (and available in Fedora SRPMs).

There is also a patch for the GTK+ filechooser, currently only in the Fedora
rpm, and a bunch more application patches, which we'll hopefully get into
upstream bugzilla/svn soon.

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