Re: New GNOME Dependency Proposal: libgcrypt

Diego González wrote:
> Reached this point i think GNOME should make a decision on what crypto
> library is it going to use/bless:
> 	evolution is using libnss
> 	gnome-keyring will using libgcrypt/libgnutls
> 	gnome-vfs can use openssl or libgcrypt/libgnutls
> Under certain circumstances gnome can be using the three libraries!
> I think gnome should choose on of the libraries and stick to it instead
> of using the three of them.

Yes, that's a noble goal.

In fact evolution uses both libnss (for S/MIME) and gnutls (for SSL via

The GNOME PKCS#11 certificate store work is an initial step in unifying
things. Once in place, all GNOME applications will be able to share X509
certificates, keys and related.

Nate Nielsen

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