broken bug-buddy support in applets


I noticed today that for virtually every applet I shot down with kill
-BUS, bug-buddy
claimed to not know it and did not offer to send out a bug report.
The .server files
of the applets did have the necessary bugzilla information, and
debugging bug-buddy
showed that it actually reads all this information.

Looking into this a bit further, I found that the problem is most
likely caused by the
GOption conversion that was done a while ago... The bugzilla data in
the the .server
files has the binary name in other_binaries, but libgnomeui uses g_get_prgname()
when passing the appname to gnome_segv and then on to bug-buddy. E.g
for the fish applet, the .server file has fish-applet-2, but bug-buddy gets
That-stupid-fish as appname, because that is the string passed in to

The options for fixing this are a) adding these other names to all the .server
files or b) fixing libgnomeui/gnome_segv to pass the binary name down
to bug-buddy.

opinions ?


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