Re: Proposed module: Accerciser

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the thorough proposal.  There are three more small steps,
though, as per
- Add Accerciser to the proposed module list at
- Add Accerciser to the meta-gnome-proposed section of the
gnome-suites-2.20.modules moduleset (or find a volunteer to do so)
- Ping the GARNOME mailing list about the new proposed module

We are currently tracking Accerciser bugs
in a component of the separate LSR project, but have requested an
independent module for Accerciser. All bugs will be transfered when
the new module becomes available.

Sorry for the delay.  I keep trying to find people to push off the
responsibility of creating new bugzilla products onto, but it always
seems to fall back to me.  And I haven't been keeping up.


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