Re: {SPAM} Re: add libcolorblind as an external dependencie

Sex, 2007-03-23 �17:24 +0000, Mark McLoughlin escreveu:
> 	Is integrating these filters with gnome-mag the best way to achieve
> that? (Honest question, it's been a while since I've played with
> gnome-mag)

The best way is in the composite manager. I was to implement a plugin
for compiz to do that, but compiz just breaks my X server in a dual-head
environment (the second screen don't have DRI). And also, compiz/beryl
cannot be the only option.

Metacity seems to be implementing some composite support, but I don't
know about its state.

So gnome-mag seemed to be the clean path at the moment.

> > > Again, this filter is not meant to help usage of gnome applications
> > > itself, because gnome is already colorblind-friendly. We're talking here
> > > mainly about web content. To show that, I've taken some usefull
> > > screenshots using vertical split in gnome-mag [1].
> > > [1]
> > I can see the numbers!
> 	Me too :-)
> 	hue-shift-positive seems to work best for me. I wonder is that always
> true, or just for these pictures? i.e. would I only need to figure out
> my filter preference once, or would it always be useful to me to try all
> filters?

For what I've seen so far, it depends on two variables.
1) what kind of colorblindness you have.
2) what kind of confusion the image creates.

It seems that the hue-shift filters (both positive and negative) are the
most usefull for the most cases, but there are still cases where you
need a "stronger" filter... the saturation/dessaturation filters can do
that job.


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