Re: add libcolorblind as an external dependencie

Sex, 2007-03-23 �10:14 -0500, Shaun McCance escreveu:
> Not to be disparaging, but the output on some of those is
> really pretty grainy, and some of them make the menu text
> harder to read.  Is there really any form of color blindness
> for which black needs to be transformed to yellow?

I've been thinking about this for some time now, and at the end there is
two thing I think worth doing in libcolorblind...

1) The first 6 images were from the SELECTIVE_(SATURATE|
DESSATURATE)_(RED|GREEN|BLUE). This filter is usefull to differ brown
from dark green, light purple from baby blue without changing the entire
color pallete. What I want to is to be able to dinamically change the
sensitivity level (which would increase or decrease the grain, depending
on what is on the screen), I mean, how I decide a color must be
saturated or dessaturated. (and No, black doesn't turn into yellow in
any filter).

2) Implemente the other three remaining filters, but this filters
require the user to choose a base color. The other filters are
SELECTIVE_(SATURATE|DESSATURATE), which would allow the user to saturate
all colors with the same base as the one he chooses (usefull in a
chart). The other is MONOCHROME_OTHERS which would turn monochromatic
all colors except the one selected by the user.

One thing that must be noted is that the colorblind filter is not
supposed to be used all the time, and fortunally, no gnome application
actually is colorblind-unfriendly. The problem is mainly with web
content, when you have charts with colorblind-unfriendly colors. At this
time, the user is supposed to just turn the filter on on that moment,
choosing which filter fits best on that image, and after reading the
image, turn the filter off again.

Again, this filter is not meant to help usage of gnome applications
itself, because gnome is already colorblind-friendly. We're talking here
mainly about web content. To show that, I've taken some usefull
screenshots using vertical split in gnome-mag [1].



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