Re: Battstat-applet and GNOME 2.19.x

On 3/23/07, Diego Escalante <dieguito gmail com> wrote:
As I said months ago when this discussion was up, I think that
battstat-applet icon is far more informative at one glace than
gnome-power-manager icon.
Last time I checked at least.

I think the problem is that the icon has this grey border, like a
glass border or something... In any case, a good idea would be to
abuse a little more the colors.

Also, right now the tray is already over abused and I would be against
having to put yet another thing there. In a classic panel setup this
doesn't sound evil but in more customized layouts the story can be

The simple reality is that all major distros are already shipping gpm
and as such, the argument is kind of moot.


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