Re: Battstat-applet and GNOME 2.19.x

On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 01:35 +0100, Diego Escalante wrote:
> As I said months ago when this discussion was up, I think that
> battstat-applet icon is far more informative at one glace than
> gnome-power-manager icon.
> Last time I checked at least.

Depends. I would argue showing the icon according to the percentage is
broken by design also, as 20% might be 7 minutes for one person or 30
minutes for another. It matters more to display the time accurately than
the exact percentage level.

> I think the problem is that the icon has this grey border, like a
> glass border or something... In any case, a good idea would be to
> abuse a little more the colors.

Sure, but I don't think it's that critical. See above. I think fedora
theme the icon with the echo theme, and also ubuntu do with human. Are
either of those easier to read at a glance out of interest?

> Also, right now the tray is already over abused and I would be against
> having to put yet another thing there. In a classic panel setup this
> doesn't sound evil but in more customized layouts the story can be
> different.

Hmm. Do you not just show the icon when the battery is discharging? It's
not like it's there all the time.

Cheers for the comments.


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