Re: Belarussian Latin translation

We know about this problem and try to resolve it by changing locale name
as you pointed out. Very pitty, but two years ago when I registered this
locale for glibc there wasn't any formal description of how locale
should be named and I chose "be latin". Here you can see a glibc bug on
this matter: .
If you can, please help us to resolve it quicker. Anyway, we don't want
to rename it in GNOME until it would be renamed in UPSTREAM libc tree. I
think that this wouldn't be a great problem for you and, importantly,
for Belarusian community to change locale naming.
Thanks for your attention to our problems!
For belarusians: and I have just started the project of
Belarusian Latin localization of free software so if anyone is
interested in the results - welcome:)
У Няд, 11/03/2007 у 14:05 +0100, Christian Persch піша:
> Hi;
> Recently, the "Belarusian Latin" translation team has started adding its
> translations to many GNOME modules. However, they chose to use the
> "be latin" name for their PO files, instead of following the precedent
> from sr Latn and uz Latn to use be Latn 
> Can we please resolve this before the GNOME 2.18 release, as to not
> create a backward compatibility problem for our users by having to
> change it in a later release?
> (This question was already asked on gtk-devel-list
> [ ] but apparently nobody from the be Latn translation team has responded.)

> Regards,
> 	Christian

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