Re: Glade branched for gnome 2.18

Hi Tristan,

Sorry for the late response,

On March 6th, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

> I've already requested a string break for some important blockers
> (i.e. glade in 2.18 is feature incomplete without them)... and I'll
> be periodically requesting code freeze breaks for minor bug fixes
> on Glade 3.2.x (for instance I have a simple fix pending on:
> ).

Since I was convinced by you that this is a real issue (properties in
Glade files being lost, a serious regression), you are allowed to fix

As agreed, translators should expect to have at least another 24 hours
to update their translations since Glade3 release will be rolled out
tomorrow near the deadline (which is, to remind my fellow translators,
Monday 12UTC).


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