Re: Weird and wonderful visual styling of applications

On Thu, 2007-03-01 at 22:45 +1300, John Stowers wrote:
> > In the specific case of RB, Gossip and Evolution, it seems that people
> > want to prettify treeviews for this kind of thing, assigning specific
> > visual style to elements that hold different meaning (e.g. first level
> > heading, second level heading, etc.). Perhaps we should come up with a
> > way to do this, so that all apps look consistent.
> >From my experience I can say that the the most common customization I
> try to do is make the header or level n rows render differently to the
> rest.

I'd really like to see this addressed. I've been working on several
development projects with Python/GTK, and I frequently find myself
getting frustrated with the limitations imposed on the TreeView's visual
structure. In addition to wanting to be able to make elements look
different depending on their depth in the tree hierarchy, I'd also like
to be able to control indentation width for different tree levels.

-- Ryan Paul

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