A New GNOME Order

I fear we are not setting correct guidelines for GNOME applications.

It would be very nice with a policy of separating the core and UI
throughout GNOME. This does not only mean applications using
libraries; this means using daemons as the core of every application.

This is proper engineering and gives a very good and powerful base.

An example is epiphany; by having a browser client core, you can
connect many different interfaces to the core and browse the same open
URLs'. Manipulating the data from a terminal is also a breeze. There
are numerous use cases to this. I once brought this up on the epiphany
mailing list and it was received well:


Further, a system wide download daemon, in the same spirit as f.ex
mldonkey lets every application feed a URL, torrent, etc. to the
daemon and you can get notified when the download completes with the
notification daemon.

A system wide audio player daemon, in the same spirit as xmms2, using
gstreamer of course;).

The list goes on and on. 

We need to use the core/UI separation power more and we should inspire
different interfaces to very powerful cores, which would satisfy
everybody. A user interface should be just that; an interface, but the
core should be able to handle more than simple operations.

I'm all for the cute GNOME applications, but I think we're not using
the power that is available to us. 

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