Re: [gnome-love] GNOME Goal #3, It's time to share your love!


I need a little hand-holding on this one for Orca. :-( Orca ( is a screen reader for people with visual impairments. When I build/install Orca from SVN on Ubuntu using the existing orca desktop file, it ends up in the Applications->Accessibility menu. I noticed that the desktop file for dasher (another assistive technology) was marked as 'not needed' for this GNOME Goal, so I just copied the relevant line from dasher's desktop file to orca's desktop file:


I then validated the file and did an 'sudo make install'. Orca now ends up under the Applications->Accessories menu along with calculator, gedit, etc. Is this the right spot and is this the ultimate change to make for the orca desktop file? If it is, is this something that requires a code freeze break request, or is that implicit?



Claudio Saavedra wrote:
Hi all!

Just in time before we release 2.18, you can still show all your love
for GNOME! You may be asking well, easy... it's time for another

This time, we need you to clean up the desktop files our modules
install. You can find precise instructions in the GNOME Goal #3 status
page, here:

In a nutshell: many desktop modules have added to its desktop file the
category "Application", which is not a category at all. That's bad, bad,
bad. Your task is to go find those modules, remove "Application" from
the categories field, and make sure other appropriate categories, as
"GNOME", and "GTK", are on their place.

Go, fix it, and show how much you love the GNOME Desktop, it's always
time to share your love!

More information about the GNOME Goals initiative:

Should you have any doubts, complains, or whatever, go find me in the
#gnome-love channel in GIMP Net. Yay!



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