Re: Module maintenance: problems and oportunities

Le dimanche 24 juin 2007 à 18:54 +0300, Lucas Rocha a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've been checking our latest development releases (2.19.x) and
> noticed that some modules haven't had any releases so far in this
> development cycle. Here's a list of some of those modules:
> - bug-buddy
> - gedit
> - gnome-applets

I've always been around multiload_applet2. gnome-applets is a collection
of applets and there are already sub-maintainer. I'd like to
commit/work/etc on multiload but my patches are stalled on bugzilla. I
don't want to be the maintainer of gnome-applets but i can surely handle
multiload. Hey "chief" (davyd), would you promote me ?

>   to do to gnome-love list

I don't think gnome-love works, there are many bugs marked HELPWANTED or
assigned to gnome-love, i've never seen any being solved by someone
coming out of the blue.
Benoît Dejean

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