Re: Module maintenance: problems and oportunities

Hi Benoît,

2007/6/25, Benoît Dejean <benoit placenet org>:
Le dimanche 24 juin 2007 à 18:54 +0300, Lucas Rocha a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've been checking our latest development releases (2.19.x) and
> noticed that some modules haven't had any releases so far in this
> development cycle. Here's a list of some of those modules:
> - bug-buddy
> - gedit
> - gnome-applets

I've always been around multiload_applet2. gnome-applets is a collection
of applets and there are already sub-maintainer. I'd like to
commit/work/etc on multiload but my patches are stalled on bugzilla. I
don't want to be the maintainer of gnome-applets but i can surely handle
multiload. Hey "chief" (davyd), would you promote me ?

>   to do to gnome-love list

I don't think gnome-love works, there are many bugs marked HELPWANTED or
assigned to gnome-love, i've never seen any being solved by someone
coming out of the blue.

You're wrong. Do you really think new contributors can easily find and
work on those bugs on their own? What we need is to have the good&old
love days back. Then those bugs marked with "gnome-love" keyword would
be really useful.


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