Re: Generating excitement in GNOME


2007/6/2, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org>:
<quote who="Lucas Rocha">

> > Having mused upon it for a while since the proposal, I tend to think a
> > whole release module will be a lot of work for relatively little gain. A
> > regularly released document showing off stuff "coming down the pipe"
> > (tube even) would be less work, greater gain (sexy document vs tarball),
> > doable by someone who is less likely to be a code contributor, and
> > likely to have a wider possible scope (more experimental stuff, with
> > code but perhaps no releases).
> Do you mean a set of cool GNOME Journal articles? ;-)

Maybe, but not really -- something akin to the 'coming soon' page in our old
release notes.

The problem is that those things have already "come" (they're
perfectly usable right now) and we can't give any garantee that they
will be part of our official releases. Therefore, I don't think we
should add this kind of thing to our release notes.

I still think GNOME Journal is a good/better place to advertise those
new/cool stuff. We just need the writers. :-)

Just my 3 cents,


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