Re: Generating excitement in GNOME


22007/6/1, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org>:
<quote who="John (J5) Palmieri">

> None really.  I've been really busy.  I think the consensus is this is
> good but what form it take would best be discussed at GUADEC perhaps.
> If you would like to propose a module perhaps that is also a good away to
> get this started.

Having mused upon it for a while since the proposal, I tend to think a whole
release module will be a lot of work for relatively little gain. A regularly
released document showing off stuff "coming down the pipe" (tube even)
be less work, greater gain (sexy document vs tarball), doable by someone who
is less likely to be a code contributor, and likely to have a wider possible
scope (more experimental stuff, with code but perhaps no releases).

Do you mean a set of cool GNOME Journal articles? ;-)

The communication channel is already there. We just need to make
better and more frequent use of it. We (from GJ) are always looking
for new articles and regular writers. Anyone interested in bringing
excitement to GNOME in form of online articles, just let us know.


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