Re: Dogfood servers now up

On 7/31/07, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
> What we CAN do right now: if you want to store something on the web to
> be used by your app, you can test it against this dogfood server. If you
> need the ability to store something new, some of the Mugshot crew could
> generally add that ability in a matter of an hour or two, just ask.

What are the limitations of "storing something"?  I'm trying to figure
out the logistics of setting up an "official" service for the new
Tomboy note synchronization feature.  Right now it's up to our users
to find their own server space somewhere (preferably with WebDAV
access).  It would be really cool if our users could just enter their
Mugshot/ credentials into Tomboy, and have their
notes stored out there.  Ideally they could then view their notes from
their browser when they're on a strange machine.

How does this fit into the grand scheme of the online desktop?  Tomboy
can't be the only app that wants to store real data (not just
configuration data) out there.  I know Mugshot is meant mostly to bind
existing services together, but how is a small free software project
supposed to find the resources to offer a stable and performant web
service to a large number of users?  The answer for the Online Desktop
can't always be "store your data in an existing cool (proprietary)
service".  GNOME is going to have to become a service provider.

If there is already an answer for this, sorry for the noise.  If this
is part of a discussion that has yet to happen, I would love to be
involved.  :-)  You guys are doing an awesome job getting the wheels
turning on this initiative; it's very exciting!


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