Re: GStreamer version for Gnome 2.20

Hi Jan,

Le mardi 31 juillet 2007, à 18:08 +0200, Jan Schmidt a écrit :
> Hi guys,
> I'm currently making releases of the GStreamer Core and Base Plugins 
> modules. (These will both be version 0.10.14). They should be out 
> tomorrow, once I've let the pre-releases stew a bit longer.
> It would be nice to have a couple of the new API functions available for 
> 2.20 so that can be closed.
> I'm not sure what the API freeze requirements are for GStreamer in the 
> 2.20 schedule. It's listed as a Desktop module, so possibly it just 
> doesn't matter and I can upload the new tarballs tomorrow for inclusion 
> (and use of the new API) in 2.19.90 ?
> Can someone clarify things for me please?

GStreamer doesn't follow the GNOME development cycle [1], so you don't
have to follow the GNOME freezes, etc. However, we love that you're
trying to follow them :-) That makes things easier.

Also, the API freeze is only recommended for modules in the desktop
suite [2]. So even if GStreamer modules were following the GNOME
development cycle, it'd be okay to add new API.

But I'll say it again: it's great to see you looking at the GNOME
freezes, and trying to respect them :-)


[1] see
[2] see

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