Dogfood servers now up


The bleeding edge server code is now up at:

And the old skin:

The two share the same backend app. If you create an account on one the same account will be on the other. For now, if you go to a page on that hasn't been "GNOME-ified" then you will get the Mugshot page instead, which is weird, and not the long-term idea.

This server is a "test instance" so we can eat our own dogfood, and any data on it may be nuked, accidentally leaked due to bugs in the code, etc. Generally we deploy to dogfood straight from SVN latest with no testing. Please adjust your expectations and behavior accordingly. Reporting bugs is good though, that's the point even.

The GNOME mode does NOT do anything useful yet and the account page still has Mugshot stuff on there. I'm just putting it on d-d-l in the spirit of working in public.

I've done a fair bit of behind the scenes work to allow the server to have two "skins" and that's the main thing being demo'd/tested here.

What we CAN do right now: if you want to store something on the web to be used by your app, you can test it against this dogfood server. If you need the ability to store something new, some of the Mugshot crew could generally add that ability in a matter of an hour or two, just ask.

Some future items:

 - move to be
 - more cleanup on the GNOME /account page as we figure out what makes
 - start using the site to enhance apps, which will mean lots of
   client-side work

It isn't clear the stuff will ever have lots of web pages, though it could, it may just be a place to create/edit an account and then the desktop talks to as a backend, via xmpp and http APIs. I don't know.

On the legal front: for now the mode uses the Mugshot privacy policy and terms of use. As previously discussed, we want to see a "free terms of use"/"open service definition" thing and use that instead. But for now we need some kind of policy so we've just left what we had for Mugshot.

Anyway, the overall idea here is a new resource for the GNOME community - the ability to have part of your app on the server side, without having to deal with obtaining hosting, writing an account system, developing terms of use, scaling up, and all kinds of other overhead.

If you want to hack on the server, see:

But again, if you just want a simple new page or new data storage, talk to the Mugshot team and we can probably add it to the server pretty easily for you.


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