Re: GNOME online desktop - (some of the possible) next steps

Bryan Clark wrote:
Havoc Pennington wrote:

An issue with the mockups is that the "outside accounts" list is shown as private, but since we're sharing one database with Mugshot, if you add those accounts they will be public over on

Basically the public/private rules can't differ between and if the same database is storing the info.
By using the same mugshot database we end up with almost the inverse of the mockup. (I knew there was another reason to have the public / private section drawn up!). And this inverse world, which exists on, can be reflected in the o.g.o mockup by having everything listed in the public section, except for your email address and aim which stays in the private section.
Ok, I've gone from a couple pages to pretty much all of the pages necessary [1] for getting the basic online desktop account system working. The home page needs all the work now. During the transition period it seems the home page might be mostly read-only and you can use the page for adding and removing accounts.

~ Bryan


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