Re: GNOME online desktop - (some of the possible) next steps

Havoc Pennington wrote:

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

  - modify (to become to support web apps
- make and work as OpenID providers
Quick Q about these so I have my facts straight: Do you intend for mugshot
to be a branded 'frontend' to Which data will be stored on
either side? Or will the users and data be separate and/or federated?

There is probably a short and a long term answer.

Right now what we're doing is just adding more jsps to that will be served when the server is reached from These jsps will not have the Stacker, just an "edit my account" page and a "login/signup" page. They will have GNOME branding instead of Mugshot.
Bryan is making mockups.
Yay mockups! For now I've been putting the mockups in the Online Desktop wiki, but they can easily be transfered around to a place that makes more sense. I think it's also on my TODO list to move things over to

There are only really 2 pages right now, but I'm keeping a Web Site Mockup [1] category for the login [2] and home [3] pages. The design goal was to keep everything really simple in look and implementation (funny how they're related!). There are a couple of tertiary pages that also need to be made, I'm working on finishing the ideas around the home page and then I'll likely get to those.

~ Bryan

[2] [3]

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