Re: GNOME online desktop - (some of the possible) next steps


We did an in-person huddle and here is the list.

Stuff we are working on today:

 - set up with GNOME theme version of etc.
    - Havoc making jsps
    - Owen messing with CNAME config

 - design for server flavor
    - Bryan

 - document desktop data model
    - Owen

 - fix up offline cache and reconnect handling for the Mugshot client
   and BigBoard
    - Owen

 - fix some problems the server is having, such as
   connection and the AIM bot
    - Marina

 - cook up some scripts for making a release of GNOME Online Desktop,
   develop plan for 0.1 release
    - Colin

 - RPM package updates/scripting
    - Colin

 - figure out moving stuff from to
    - some combination of Owen and Marina

Stuff that is higher priority that we are thinking of doing next, volunteers welcome:

 - create wiki presence on

 - shut down google group and suggest d-d-l instead

 - merge more outside networks (AIM, Facebook, etc.) into the contact

 - allow combining contacts from separate networks ("this person on
   Facebook is the same as this AIM")

 - sync of browser state (history, bookmarks, cookies, passwords),
   like Google Browser Sync but open source and integrated with
   everything else (e.g. no need to log in to Google separately for
   browser sync and big board)

 - add login via jabber/gtalk and OpenID in addition to current
   email or AIM

And more stuff, volunteers also welcome:

 - investigate how HTTP state of browser can be used by any app

 - lots of BigBoard productization/polish stuff to make it more

 - hack on AbiWord, F-Spot, other desktop apps to use the info from
   the server in useful ways

 - modify (to become to support web apps

 - store encrypted gnome-keyring on the server

 - facebook application that merges your Mugshot stacker
   into the facebook event feed

 - right now the default online desktop config has google calendar
   in big board and evo calendar attached to gnome-panel clock,
   fix this

 - make and work as OpenID providers

 - integrate online photo sites into gnome background properties
   and screen saver (choose a flickr photo for your background, etc.)

 - stuff I forgot

Our thought in the office here is to somewhat focus on the server side since it's a little bit scary and others would take a long time to ramp up on it. So if there's server-side stuff you need for the client-side feature you want to hack on, let us know.


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