Re: Online Desktop/People apps (short-term)

Travis, some good ideas. I thought I would weigh in on this issue from
the point of view of Conduit.

Basic Architecture

[Desktop People Apps] <-> [Empathy] <-> [e-d-s] <-> [Online desktop


4. A daemon to initiate and perform data synchronization and merging.
This could be a modified version of eds-sync (though that requires a
special version of e-d-s (the dbus port, I believe)). Maybe Conduit
could be use for anything beyond the address book - though I believe it
already handles that too. How should these two work together?

The sooner I can treat e-d-s as a black box the better. I dont see
Conduit, no matter how singing and dancing, getting as much community
buy in as e-d-s sync due to its heritage. Besides I think e-d-s
syncing contacts to a Telepathy roster is the right place in the stack
for this.

I would like to see Conduit take care of the Synchronization of data
outwards from the Client. In poor ascii art this looks like:

[] <--> [e-d-s sync] <--> [Conduit] <--> [iPods, Cellphones, etc]
[] <--> [e-d-s sync] <--> [Empathy] <--> [Desktop People Apps]

At least this is how I see if for Contacts. Files, Photos and Desktop
preferences are a different story.


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