Re: Online Desktop integration ideas


Alexander Larsson wrote:
I'm a bit worried that you're going a bit over the top here. "Work well
with Flickr" is superiour than syncing raw files, but it seems like
you're proposing to shove *all* your photos to flickr and not store
anything locally. I think it would make more sense to just integrate
very tightly to Flickr so that you can easily pick out what photos you
want to put on Flickr instead of just dumping everything there.

It's just a question of designing the specific photo app to meet people's needs, it's all best sorted out in the specific design.

For example the app could encourage you to trash junky photos, and mark the others public or private, and choose appropriate places to put photos based on how you mark them. Flickr itself has a private/friends-only/family-only/public choice, right?

Personally I would not want any photos I care about to be kept *only* locally, though I might want to choose a service other than Flickr or whatever, and might want to be able to prune out pictures of my thumb before uploading.

I'm sure for the foreseeable future any photo app will be configurable in this respect, local vs. Picasa vs. Flickr vs. rsync-to-a-shell-account.

Anyway, really, there's no danger of "going over the top"! That is hardly GNOME's current problem. Going over the top is always easy to fix; just back off a bit, fix the design bugs, add a couple of special cases. Aim high then fix the details.


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