Re: GNOME online desktop - (some of the possible) next steps

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

>   - Jeff said he would set up with mediawiki and we'll
>     move there. (maybe should be
>     the end user server for creating accounts and stuff, and we should
>     put this on or something?)

Clarification: I raised the idea of running a service on
(and more abstract stuff on, but suggested that wiki stuff
happen on though I'll service your MediaWiki desires if
absolutely necessary. I don't think we should 'fork' the wiki for much the
same reasons we shouldn't 'fork' the choice of desktop-related discussion
forum. Sorry. 8)

Perhaps however, if we're approaching this with All Seriousness, we might
consider having (at least) the entry point on itself...

>   - one wild idea - say we use a very clean, mostly black-and-white
>     theme for (I'm thinking along the lines of my
>     guadec slides) - we could also do a similar crisp line-art looking
>     theme for GTK perhaps?

Wow, let's totally dodge this bikeshed-shaped bullet for now. :-)

Rock and roll. Good to have you back. (Yes, I'm going to keep saying that!)

- Jeff

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    positions. When you find a singer and a drummer this good, you don't
                  leave them." - Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam

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