Re: Online Desktop integration ideas

Em Dom, Julho 22, 2007 15:26, Havoc Pennington escreveu:


First of all, thank you for your comments.

> I would think that a good solution for storing this stuff would 1) have
a whitelist of files it knows make sense to store and 2) allow hooks to
potentially massage the files a bit when storing/restoring. The problem
isn't too unlike Sabayon in a certain way.

Here's a whitelist we could work on:

Gnome Keyring
Evolution/Thunderbird accounts (gpg keys?)
Network Manager config
browser history/bookmark/toolbars (plugins/addons?)

> When we store in an online app like Flickr, we just inherit their
privacy and security.
> When we store as "just files," <snip>

So the social network part of the profile would be stored by public
services on the web such as flickr, picasa, etc... and the whitelist files
would be stored on the server component of Online Desktop and would be
downloaded at login?

> I think the DMCA safe harbor is what one normally relies on here - if
you have a process to take down stuff you're notified about, then you
aren't in trouble for stuff users do.

Exactly, I said copyrighted material but I was really thinking about those

> Maybe have a gvfs/fuse mount for "documents" and encourage word
> processor type apps to save there, but have it separate from the
homedir, and manage the homedir more via syncing?

Yes, I guess something like gvfs/fuse would work better with
"blacklist"/non social network files.

> For the file-based stuff, sync on login makes sense to me, and then try
to stay in sync during the session periodically?

Yes, on login it would sync the whitelist and mount a gfvs/fuse volume.
Sync whitelist from time to time during session and at logout. I guess all
these options could be adjusted by the user.

what about comparing the user Online Desktop Profile with the software
available on the system? Check for local software needed and have yum
install them. Of course this could easily slowdown a login and bloat the
system with new software but for instance, would be great when you buy a
new computer or livecd.

Best regards,


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