Re: bonobo deprecation status?

On 7/12/07, Jani Monoses <jani monoses gmail com> wrote:
Brian Cameron wrote:
> Jani:
> Currently at-spi depends on Bonobo and exposes some Bonobo interfaces via its
> header files.  This would probably need some rework before libbonobo could
> completely go away.  There has been some talk, I think, about using D-Bus
> instead.  However, I don't know of any plans at the moment to rewrite this.
Vino is an example of using bonobo, and AFAIR gnome-session only links to bonobo
to start vino. There may be other modules for which the conversion is straightforward
even if not trivial. The only case I know of a conversion is gnome-vfs. If there are
other successful ones they may serve as an example for even more similar work.

GtkUnique can be used instead of Bonobo to ensure that only one
application instance is running. gThumb recently dropped its Bonobo
dependency by using GtkUnique instead. I'd imagine that is an option
for a few other applications.

mvh Björn

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