Re: bonobo deprecation status?


Currently at-spi depends on Bonobo and exposes some Bonobo interfaces via its
header files.  This would probably need some rework before libbonobo could
completely go away.  There has been some talk, I think, about using D-Bus
instead.  However, I don't know of any plans at the moment to rewrite this.

For the time being, I think the GNOME community is supporting libbonobo only
for special use cases, like accessibility.  Probably other approaches like
D-Bus would make sense for new applications.


the bonobo related info on is scarce;it is mentioned as scheduled
for deprectaion in the future with the single explicit reference being gnome-panel
in 2.22. Another place mentions apps are being actively migrated away from it.

Can someone sum up or point to an overview of what are the most common changes needed
and what besides D-Bus is meant to replace specific bonobo APIs?

Is there any module that is being converted for 2.20?


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