libgnome deps


As with gcalctool, I've filed a few patches to reduce some libgnome deps in n-m, g-s-s and g-p-m
Since the respective bugzilla threads are not very alive I thought I'd bring up the issue here.
I'd also like to know if there is a general shared sentiment in the GNOME project regarding Project Ridley:
apparently nobody opposes its goals, but relatively few maintainers are proactive in keeping their modules as
clean as possible given current GTK. Like with performance, cleanup is seldom explicitly in the roadmap,
which is mostly feature-oriented.

If it's up to each maintainer then it is harder to make progress than if if was generally agreed upon, and
if something close to a consensus is not taken the tendency is to wait and see what others do, and again
things progress too slowly.

Maybe very clear bits of elimination of libgnome APIs can be GnomeGoals?

here are the 3 bug reports delaing with gnome_show_url() and gnome_help_display() mostly.

the benefits besides having somewhat lighter apps is that some of the GNOME modules would more likely be
adopted by other projects - in particular Xfce - instead of them doing something from scratch or maintaining existing
similar projects using the valid excuse that there are too many dependencies in the GNOME ones.


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