Re: On GNOME 2.22: the rise of a revamped platform and desktop

Hi Thomas,

2007/7/1, Thomas Wood <thos gnome org>:
On Sun, 1 Jul 2007 01:57:03 +0300
"Lucas Rocha" <lucasr gnome org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've blogged this but I thought it would be good to send to d-d-l for
> further discussions.

A small point, but you may wish to run a spell checker over that.

oportunity = opportunity
interation = iteration

That's what happens when you write a blog post at 2 a.m. :-P I fixed
those and other mistakes already. Thanks!

There are some other grammar issues, but I know you're not a native
English speaker. ;-)

Exactly. I could write the same text in perfect brazilian portuguese
but I guess you wouldn't understand anything. :-)

Otherwise, it makes for positive reading. After a bit of a lull it seems
there is some real new development and drive in core GNOME technologies,
which can only be a good thing. Perhaps also mentioning some of the
current activity around GTK+ with regards to formalising and driving the
development process would be good? All in all, it would make a good
GNOME Journal article.

Nice idea. Let's see if I have time to write it.



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