Beagle CPU usage (was Proposed module: tracker)


On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 12:04 +0000, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro wrote:
>     2. it requires _a lot_ of CPU power.
>   Basically point 2 is a killer.  No one is going to want to run this
> except in servers.  Keeping the CPU busy almost 100% of the time is not
> nice: consumes more power, gets my computer fan running faster and more
> loudly.. I can't even begin to imagine what a nightmare it will be for
> laptop users..
>   Maybe this kind of indexing technology, be it tracker or beagle, is
> simply not something that we want to shove into users' desktops.

Speaking for Beagle, any long-term (> 2 minutes) CPU pegging is a bug.
And the only time when something that long is acceptable is on uncommon
index merges or indexing very large documents.  If it happens
frequently, I would consider that a bug as well.  Please file them.

Beagle has unfortunately gotten a reputation for being CPU hungry
because certain documents trigger bugs.  I've spent a lot of my time
recently fixing such issues and making it easier to identify and debug
them.  There's no reason why Beagle needs to be CPU heavy, and it hasn't
been designed as such (in fact, quite the contrary).


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