Re: Proposed module: tracker


On Wed, 2007-01-10 at 18:22 +0000, Jamie McCracken wrote:
> Tagging in fspot does not use leaftag afaik. 

It doesn't, no.  F-Spot predates Leaftag by several years.

> Their metadata system appears to be based around something 
> called semweb. 

SemWeb is an RDF library.  Tags are stored either in F-Spot's internal
sqlite database or as a part of XMP metadata in the image itself.

> Nautilus metadata is all xml based and not really shareable system wide.

There's no API for it, no.

> THeres no question we need a metadata server to sort out all this mess 
> so apps can interoperate with it.

You've mentioned two apps which predate any tagging or other metadata
system in GNOME.  F-Spot uses a standard image metadata format when
appropriate, and Nautilus uses a straightforward XML format that has
been around for at least 6 years.  I would hardly call this a mess.

Applications do need to become richer, but Tracker isn't a silver bullet
for this.

> > These are fine ideas, but let's see them prototyped first, so we can
> > make an informed decision about whether it's practical and works, rather
> > than accepting it prima facie.
> thats why I am not asking for "tracker the database" to be considered at 
> this time. We do need these implemented and I will get round to them.

But you're not offering to separate them.  So what's the difference,


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